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Hello guys!

My name is Natyse Chan and I'm a 20 year old model from the Gold Coast, Australia. 

To be honest, I had never planned on getting into swimwear designing as I know exactly how crazy, hard and competitive it can be! But when I was approached by The Basin to do a design collaboration, I said yes without a second thought. 

On my days off, my two favourite things to do are tanning and taking Insta pics! So, I somewhat tried to base my line around those two activities. I personally always buy swimsuits that are amazing to look at and take photos in, but once I've taken the photos I find that I never wear the swimsuit again.

I also have this one extremely average looking bikini that I ALWAYS wear when I tan because it gives me great tan lines. So, I wanted to create something that was super cute and trendy but also something that was practical for tanning and hence, Natyse Chan X The Basin was born. I looked to celebrities like Emily Ratajakowski and Elsa Hosk (my favourite fashion icons) and I drew inspiration from the shapes that they were wearing.
The first piece that came to mind was the Jagger Bottoms (named after my older brother Jaga). I knew that I wanted to make some gathering bottoms as I used to have a pair and they were my absolute favourites. I also find that this style suits all body shapes and can we worn as cheeky or medium coverage. I like to pull the band on the bottoms up super high around my waist because I think that the soft material sits amazingly on the body and is super sexy and flattering.

I was unsure about what style of top I wanted to pair with these bottoms so I decided to make something with the same concept. The Cindy Top (named after my first cat) is a basic yet classic triangle halterneck. I wanted to have at least one triangle shaped top in my line as I find that that shape is the most commonly worn when tanning. However, I didn't want it to look plain and boring so I added a little bit of extra fabric to each cup so that it can be worn gathered/bunched which in turn creates some epic cleavage. I still found both the top and bottom a little bit plain so I added a tiny little frill to both pieces to make them a little bit more fun and unique. 

The second piece that I had thought of was the Roxie Top (named after my first dog, Roxy). I essentially based the whole bikini around the ring in the centre of this top. I love this top because I think it's very trendy and in fashion right now. The shape of the top sits really well on any sized chest and is easily adjustable at the back. The back of the top can be worn as a halter which is ideal for tanning, or it can be worn as a bra shape by threading the back straps through the loops on the shoulder straps.

The Izzy Bottoms (named after my boyfriends little sister) would have to be my favourites out of all of the pieces. They are super cheeky and will give you the most perfect booty tan lines. The shape of the bottoms was designed to be worn both high on the waist or low around the hips - with adjustable ties on the sides to help achieve your desired look. I have personally always loved bottoms that tie at the side because you can adjust them to be a little bit looser when you feel like they're digging in. To match the bottoms with the top I have included tiny little rings on both the front and back of the bottoms in which the side strings thread through and tie together. 

Even though I have designed two different sets of bikinis, I have decided to sell them all as separates so that you can mix and match them. My favourite set to wear is actually the Izzy bottoms and Cindy top because I think that they look amazing together even though they were not made to be together. 

I hope you love them as much as I do! 

Natyse xx

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